Over the past two months, the Commission has refined their set of policy ideas into a set of draft policy proposals. This open house includes the 19 policy proposals, grouped by theme, for your consideration:

Housing Diversity and Equity

  • Incentives for "missing middle" home ownership

  • Equity housing options

  • Medium-density single family housing (SR-MD)

  • Detached Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Cluster/Cottage housing

  • Development of neighborhood villages

Incentives or Requirements to Increase Affordability

  • Multi-family Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program

  • Inclusionary Zoning

Resources and Partnerships

  • Use of existing sales tax revenue for affordable and supportive housing

  • County implementation of sales and use tax for housing and related services

  • Edmonds-HASCO interlocal agreement

  • Develop community housing partnerships

  • Low-income emergency home repair program

  • Improved tenant protections (aka "just cause")


  • Multi-family design standards

  • Renter's choice security deposit

  • Simplify zoning code language

  • Streamline permitting process

  • Childcare voucher program

Your input will will help the Commission decide which proposals to refine or move forward final recommendations.