Coordinate Regionally on Housing Solutions

Background: Housing needs and resources are a topic of concern in many communities.  To address these issues, the City of Edmonds has the option of working with other jurisdictions and partners where there is common agreement.


Policy Idea:

  • Work with other local governments and agencies in Snohomish County toward regional housing solutions that improve affordability and meet other community needs.

Expand Cooperation with the Countywide Housing Agency

Background: The Housing Authority of Snohomish County (“HASCO” for short) is the main housing agency in Snohomish County that receives federal funding to acquire or develop low-income housing. To do so, HASCO must have an agreement with each city in which it operates. Currently, two properties in Edmonds are owned and operated by HASCO.  However, the current agreement does not allow HASCO to operate in all areas of Edmonds


Policy Idea: 

  • The City should work out an agreement with HASCO, the main housing agency in Snohomish County, so the agency can buy or develop buildings for affordable housing in additional areas of Edmonds.