The Citizens' Housing Commission

The Edmonds Citizens’ Housing Commission was established via Council Resolution 1427 to “Develop, for Council consideration, diverse housing policy options designed to expand the range of housing (including rental and owned) available in Edmonds — irrespective of age, gender, race, religious affiliation, physical disability, or sexual orientation.”

Commission Members

The Commission is made up of Edmonds residents from across the city, reflecting different backgrounds and perspectives. For the appointment process, the City was divided into 7 districts based on U.S. Census areas. Each Council member was assigned a district and appointed 2 Commissioners and 1 alternate. The Mayor appointed 1 ‘at-large’ Commissioner and 1 alternate.



James Ogonowski

Karen Haase Herrick

Weijia Wu

Keith Soltner

George Keefe

Eva-Denise Miller

Nichole Franko

Mike McMurray

Tanya Kataria

Greg Long

Jess Blanch

Alena Nelson-Vietmeier

Judi Gladstone

Will Chen

Bob Throndsen


Leif Warren
Wendy Wyatt
Kenneth Sund
Rick Nishino
Jean Salls
Tana Axtelle

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Commission Timeline

The Commission commenced in September 2019 and meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Meetings are live streamed and recorded on the City of Edmonds webpage. Over the last 10 months the Commission has been learning about housing-related issues and policies, hearing from community members about their housing priorities and concerns, working in policy committees to explore initial policy ideas, and drafting initial policy proposals.

Now, the Commission is sharing their set of policy proposals! This is the last round of public engagement before the Commission makes a final set of policy recommendations to City Council by January 28, 2021.