Thank you to the nearly 700 Edmonds community members who shared their feedback on the Commission’s first set of policy ideas! The survey for these ideas is now closed; you may review the survey summary here.


To learn more about the Commission's first set of policy ideas click on a topic below.

City Partnerships >

  • Coordinate Regionally on Housing Solutions

  • Expand Cooperation with Countywide Housing Agency​ 


City Resources >

  • Existing Sales Tax Credit

  • Countywide Sales Tax for Housing


Accessory Dwelling Units >

  • Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit Permitting

  • Examples of Detached Accessory Dwelling Designs

  • Criteria for Accessory Dwelling Units

Transition Zoning Areas >

  • Transition Areas Along Transit Routes Adjacent to Commercial Zones

  • Transition Areas in RS-8 lots Adjacent to Multi-family or Commercial Zones

  • Transition Area Site Requirements


Housing Types & Design Guidelines >

  • Guidelines for Duplexes and Two-Unit Townhouses in Single Family Neighborhoods

  • Develop Multi-family Residential Design Guidelines

  • Require a Percentage of Larger Units in Multi-family Buildings


City Processes & Permitting >

  • Simplify Zoning Code Language

  • Streamline the Permitting Process

The online open house and survey for the Commission's second set of ideas is now open! To share your feedback on this set of ideas  Start the Open House.