Guidelines for Duplexes or Two-unit Townhouses in Single Family Neighborhoods

Background: In Edmonds, lots within single-family residential zones can have only one house on them, which includes any allowed accessory dwellings. The house can be of any size as long as it fits the lot requirements and height limits for that zone. Currently duplexes are not allowed in single-family residential zones.

Note: Changes to the current guidelines would require a zoning code amendment, which includes a public process

Policy Idea:

  • Provide development guidance or incentives that encourage duplex or two-unit townhouse buildings in lieu of one large single-family house.

Multifamily Design Guidelines

Background: Design standards or guidelines can be used by cities to require development to be built in specific way. These can include engineering and site requirements, as well as standards for aesthetics and architectural appearance. The City of Edmonds has updated some of its standards and guidelines in recent years, but does not have specific guidelines for multi-family zones.

Note: Changes to the existing standards would require a zoning code amendment, which includes a public process.

Policy Ideas:

  • Develop multi-family residential design guidelines.

  • Require new multi-family projects to have a percentage of larger units (3-4 bedrooms).