Transition Zoning Areas

Background: The City of Edmonds has various “zones” that provide for different land uses. To expand opportunities for additional housing types, a “transition area” or areas could be created between one or more existing residential zones and commercial or mixed- use zones. The transition area could allow for low-density multi-family residential housing on the size scale between single family detached houses and large multi-family or commercial complexes. Special standards about design, parking, and useable green space could also apply.

Note: Any zoning changes would require a zoning code amendment, which includes a public process.

Example Transition Area - Drawing not to scale

Transition Area

Policy Ideas:

​The two ideas below are similar, but differ in key features including location and suggested housing types.

  • Transition Areas along Transit Routes Adjacent to Commercial Zones: Allow low-density multi-family residential housing (such as triplexes, quadruplexes, courtyard apartments, townhomes, and/or mixed use) along transit routes that are also adjacent to commercial zones. 

  • Transition Areas in Lots Zoned for 8,000 Square Feet or More that are Adjacent to Multi-family or Commercial Zones: Designate transition areas that are currently zoned for minimum lot sizes of 8,000 square feet AND also are adjacent to multi-family or commercial zones (see example map).  Encourage very small-scale multi-family there—namely, duplexes, triplexes or quadruplexes.

  • Transition Area Requirements: Require all transition areas to:

  1.  Provide on-site vehicle parking, and 

  2.  Provide usable green space for people who live there

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