Online Survey & Open House

In February we hosted an online survey and an in-person open house. Through these activities we heard from approximately 1,000 Edmonds community members about their housing priorities and concerns. The feedback we heard helped shape the ideas being explored by the Commission.

Survey respondents reported that when looking for a place to live, the most important factors are:​

Neighborhood safety


Sense of Community


Potential to stay in the home for a long time

Survey respondents reported that they are most concerned  about:

Changes to property and/or real estate taxes

Changes to traffic

Changes to zoning in single family neighborhoods


Environmental Impacts

​Both in the survey and at the open house community members expressed:

  • The importance of maintaining the character of Edmonds, namely views, density, single family neighborhoods, and architectural style.

  • Concerns about housing affordability in Edmonds, especially for seniors and people who rent their homes.

  • An interest in more opportunities for ‘Missing Middle’ housing types, specifically accessory dwelling units, duplexes and triplexes, and townhouses.